New Enrollment Tools for CI-H/HW Subjects

When pre-registration for fall term begins on May 1, a new set of enrollment tools will be piloted in subjects designated as Communication Intensive in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CI-H/CI-HW), which are part of the undergraduate Communication Requirement. CI-H/HW subjects are capped at 18 or 25 students each.

The new enrollment process optimizes students’ subject choices within priority groups set by the Faculty Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR). It also creates waitlists for all CI-H/HW subjects with up-to-date information on openings in these subjects.

This pilot process replaces the HASS-D Lottery, formerly used for many CI-H/HW subjects. Through this new process:

  • Students, instructors, and advisors know before classes begin which students are enrolled in which CI-H/HW subjects.
  • Waitlists, sorted by priority group, are consistently structured across all CI-H/HW subjects and visible to students and instructors. Students can use the waitlists to check for subjects with openings, put themselves on waitlists, and check their positions on waitlists.  Instructors can identify and contact students who want to get into their subjects.
  • Pre-registration for CI-H/HW subjects becomes meaningful for students and more useful for instructors and departments as they plan for instructional resources.

How It Works

For Continuing Students

May 1-June 16 Students Initiate Pre-registration and Select CI-H/HW Subjects

Students will have two ways to request CI-H/HW subjects while they pre-register:

  • Students may enter two primary subject choices with two alternatives for each choice. Before classes begin an algorithm will be run to assign students to CI-H/HW subjects, optimizing their choices within the priorities set by SOCR.
  • Students may also place themselves on waitlists that instructors use after Registration Day to fill openings in the classes. After the algorithm is run, they will be able to see which subjects have openings and where they stand on waitlists.

The early deadline for CI-H/HW pre-registration is intended to encourage students to make informed CI-H/HW choices and to allow departments to adjust staffing to meet student interest.

June 17-August 19 Pre-registration Continues

During the remainder of pre-registration, students who requested CI-H/HW subjects by the deadline can delete their primary and alternative selections or change their waitlist choices.

Other students can add themselves to waitlists, but they will be prioritized lower on the waitlist than students who selected subjects prior to the deadline.

August 25 Registration Opens

Continuing students can delete CI-H/HW subjects they requested during pre-registration and edit waitlist choices. They cannot add CI-H/HW subjects.

For New Freshmen, Transfer Students, and Students Returning from Leaves

August 25-28 Orientation

New freshmen, transfer students, and students returning from leaves will make their CI-H/HW selections when they meet with their advisors and complete Online Registration.

For All Students Enrolling in Fall 2014

August 29 Schedules run and Waitlists for CI-H/HW Subjects Published

Students will be enrolled in CI-H/HW subjects based on their choices and on priority groups set by SOCR. The number of students enrolled in each class will not exceed its cap.

Instructors will see who is in their classes and who is on their waitlists. Students will be presented in priority groups on the waitlists.

Students and advisors will be able to see which classes have openings and where the students stand on waitlists: how many students are in priority groups ahead of them, and how many students share an equal chance of being offered enrollment from the waitlist.

If students no longer wish to take the CI-H/HW subjects they got into during scheduling, they should drop them as they register or use Online Add/Drop if they have already registered.

Students cannot add CI-H/HW subjects; they should update their waitlist choices.

September 3 First Day of Classes; Beginning at 6 am Instructors of CI-H/HW Subjects Can Fill Openings

Instructors of CI-H/HW subjects can offer enrollment to waitlisted students as they have openings. Instructors are strongly encouraged to choose students based on their priority groups. Instructors will send email messages to offer places in CI-H/HW subjects. Generally students will have 24 hours to respond.

Students wishing to enroll should use Online Add/Drop to add the subject (or register for it, if they have not yet submitted their registration). If students do not take action, instructors may rescind their offers. Students who are no longer interested should reply to the instructor and remove themselves from the waitlist. While students may add and delete themselves from waitlists through Add Date (October 3), they should be particularly diligent to keep their waitlist choices up-to-date during the first week or two of classes.