Enrollment Tools


  • Students may no longer add themselves to CI-H/HW waitlists for this term.

    Continuing students may make CI-H/HW selections for next term when pre-registration opens on May 1, 2018.


The Project

The Enrollment Tools project is a multi-year effort to design and roll out system enhancements that allow department administrators and instructors to manage subjects with limited enrollment. This project was designed in two phases:

Phase One: Enrollment Tools for CI-H/HW Subjects

In Fall 2014 a new set of enrollment tools were successfully launched to manage enrollments in subjects designated as Communication Intensive in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CI-H/HW), which are part of the undergraduate Communication Requirement. These tools optimize students’ subject choices within priority groups set by the Faculty Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR). They also create waitlists for all CI-H/HW subjects with up-to-date information on openings in these subjects.

Through this process:

  • Students, instructors, and advisors know before classes begin which students are enrolled in which CI-H/HW subjects.
  • Students and advisors are able to view a list of subjects with openings.
  • Waitlists, sorted by priority group, are consistently structured across all CI-H/HW subjects and visible to students and instructors. Students can put themselves on waitlists and check their positions on waitlists. Instructors can identify and contact students who want to get into their subjects.
  • Pre-registration for CI-H/HW subjects becomes meaningful for students and more useful for instructors and departments as they plan for instructional resources.

All sections of CI-H/HW subjects are capped at 18 or 25 students each.

Phase Two: Enrollment Tools for Limited-Enrollment Subjects (non-CI-H/HW)

In Fall 2017 the second phase of Enrollment Tools applications will launch. These new tools will be able to assist with managing non-CI-H/HW subjects that have limited enrollment. These tools were successfully piloted in the Spring 2017 term.

In summary:

  • One tool will provide the capability to drop students from pre-registration and require the instructor’s approval for adding when online registration and add/drop opens.
  • The second tool will allow the department administrator and/or the instructor to maintain a waitlist and make offers to students on the waitlist as spaces become available in a class.

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Enrollment Tools is a joint project of the Registrar's Office and Information Systems and Technology.

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