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Viewing Waitlists

All waitlists are published online on the Waitlists page, as shown below:

This page can be accessed via the Waitlists link on the MIT WebSIS for Advisors page, the Online Registration Student Subject Selections Approval page, or the Add/Drop Approval page.

If you access the page from your advisee’s Online Registration or Add/Drop pages, you will see your advisee’s name pre-populated, and any waitlists he/she is on will be listed. You can also look up advisees’ waitlists at any time by entering their name and clicking Go.

The waitlists are broken out into two categories: CI-H/HW waitlists and Limited-enrollment waitlists. This is because the two types of waitlists have different timelines, features, and rules, as outlined below.

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Additions to and Deletions from Waitlists

Students can update their waitlist status. In addition, gradesheet instructors of certain limited-enrollment subjects can move their pre-registered students to the waitlist; when this happens, both you and your advisee will get an email notification. As an advisor, you can view your advisee’s waitlist status and advise him or her of possible options.

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CI-H/HW and Limited-Enrollment Waitlists

When Available

The CI-H/HW waitlists become available after the student schedules have been run. The limited-enrollment waitlists become available when Online Registration opens. Waitlists are viewable through the last day of classes.

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Using the Search Filters

Use the Show Only filters to limit the list. Click on a Subject # or Title to link to the online Subject Listing. Click on a heading to sort by the column.

You can also search for your advisee’s waitlisted CI-H/HW or limited-enrollment subjects. In the Student Name field, type the student’s name, Kerberos ID, or MIT ID number. When you enter at least three consecutive letters contained within the student name or Kerberos ID, a selection list of matching students displays. Keep typing until you see the student. Select the student and then click Search Waitlisted Subjects. The message ‘Student Not Found’ appears if the student is not on a waitlist. If the student is on a waitlist, you will see those subjects on which he or she is waitlisted.

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Subject and Waitlist Information

Enrollment cap is the maximum number of students in this subject (or section, if section registration is required). For CI-H/HW subjects, the cap is based on guidelines set by the Faculty Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR). For limited-enrollment subjects, the cap is set by the instructor, and is optional; waitlists with no cap will say N/A here.


Openings is the enrollment cap minus the number of students registered and with pending registration (i.e., those who have been scheduled but have not completed registration, and those who have been offered admission from the waitlist).

Students on Waitlist is the number of students who are currently on the waitlist for the selection, excluding those with outstanding offers.

If CLOSED appears in the Openings and Students on Waitlist columns, the instructor has chosen to close the waitlist. No more students will be admitted, and students may not add themselves to the waitlist.

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Your Advisee's Waitlist Position (CI-H/HW subjects only)

Students are not assigned a position number on the waitlist. However, CI-H/HW subject waitlists do place students within priority groups established by the Faculty Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR):

·       For CI-HW subjects, CI-HW Required upperclassmen who have not completed a CI-HW subject will be in the highest priority group, followed by CI-HW Required freshmen who have not completed a CI-HW subject. Next will be freshmen who have not completed a CI-H. At the bottom are all other students.

·       For CI-H subjects, there is only one priority group. Students will be given equal priority regardless of their year and whether they have fulfilled the requirement.

Preference within priority groups will be given to students who requested the CI-H/HW the last time it was offered, were not scheduled into it, and did not register for it. Continuing students who added themselves to waitlists after the CI-H/HW deadline will be placed below all other priority groups.

When issuing CI-H/HW enrollment offers, instructors are strongly encouraged to make offers to students in the highest priority group first, and so on.

When you search for an advisee by name and click Students on Waitlist for a CI-H/HW subject for which he or she is waitlisted, a pop-up window will display showing how many currently waitlisted students have a higher priority than your advisee, as well as how many are within the same priority group. Your advisee must be on the waitlist for this subject for you to see these statistics.

However, your advisee can see his or her projected position for any subject by clicking Students on Waitlist, whether or not he or she is on the waitlist for it. You can use this information to discuss his or her chances of getting into other CI-H/HW subjects.

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Enrollment Offer

An instructor can make an enrollment offer beginning on the first day of classes for CI-H/HW subjects or as soon as Online Registration opens for limited-enrollment subjects. The student will receive the offer via an email. The offer may include specific information from the instructor, for example, asking the student to attend the next class. The student generally has 24 hours in which to add the subject. Once the student has initiated the add, the instructor cannot rescind the offer.

When your advisee adds the subject, you will be required to approve it. Placement into the subject will be held until you are able to approve it. After you have approved the add, the student must submit the form online to the Registrar’s Office.

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