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Before pre-registration opens, department administrators need to indicate which of their limited-enrollment subjects (other than CI-H/HW) will use one or both of the following tools:

  • Manage Pre-Registration Class Lists: Allow gradesheet instructors to remove students from their pre-registration lists to prevent them from registering.
  • Establish Waitlist: Start a waitlist that can be managed by gradesheet and secondary instructors

Managing Pre-Registration Class Lists

Beginning when pre-registration opens and ending the evening before the first day of class, gradesheet instructors of subjects using this tool can access it by clicking the Manage button on their pre-registration class list report (WebSIS for Instructors à Class Lists à Pre-Registration Class Lists).

You can flag one or more students and click Remove from Pre-Reg. (If the subject also has a waitlist, you can move the student(s) to the waitlist instead.) It is up to instructors to determine the criteria for removal; students’ years, majors, and minors are provided as a guide. After clicking the Remove from Pre-Reg button, an overlay will appear asking you to enter the reason for removal. This email will be sent to the selected students with a cc to their advisors:

Pre-registered students who are removed from the list and new students who didn’t pre-register for the subject will not be able to add it to their registration. If they try, they will get the message: “This is a limited-enrollment subject that cannot be added in Online Registration. Please contact the subject’s academic department for additional information on enrollment options for this subject.” They can request the subject on an Add form after submitting registration, but the add will always be routed to the gradesheet instructor for approval.

Pre-registered students who remain on the pre-registration class list will be able to register for the subject in Online Registration.

(NOTE: If students are removed from the pre-registration class list before pre-registration closes, it’s possible for them to go back and pre-register again.)

Managing Waitlists

Waitlists are active when pre-registration opens. If Manage Pre-Registration Class Lists is also being used in the subject, the gradesheet instructor can move pre-registered students to the waitlist by clicking the Move to Waitlist button beginning when pre-registration opens. When you click the button, an overlay will appear asking you to enter the reason for removal. This email will be sent to the selected students with a cc to their advisors:

The limited-enrollment subject waitlists become visible to students, advisors, and the rest of the MIT community as soon as Online Registration opens. Students can add themselves to and remove themselves from waitlists from that point until the last day of classes.

If students want to enroll in subjects with waitlists, they must get on the waitlists as the first step, and then they must receive enrollment offers from you via the waitlists before they can add the subjects. Once Online Registration opens, you can make an offer to a waitlisted student via the waitlist tool. The student is then permitted to add the subject to his/her registration.

Students can remove themselves from waitlists. They also can drop subjects directly without going through the waitlist process.

Checking Class Lists and Waitlists

It's important to understand that waitlists change in real time as students submit their registration changes and make their waitlist selections.

You can check your waitlist as soon as pre-registration opens. You should check it frequently during the first two weeks of class - daily is recommended - until your subject is filled.

By default, you will get an email prompt once classes begin if:

  • a student adds him/herself to the waitlist, which was previously empty, and there is at least one opening in the subject (or section); or
  • a student drops a subject in which there were no openings, and there is at least one student on the waitlist.

To change your email notification defaults, click Settings at the top of your waitlist.

Accessing a Subject’s Waitlist

As soon as pre-registration opens, you can view your subject’s waitlist:

  • from WebSIS for Instructors, via the Waitlists link
  • from WebSIS for Instructors, via the Class Lists link (click the Waitlist button on the Pre-registration Class List report or the Registration Class List report)

In addition, instructors who are also advisors can access the waitlists from WebSIS for Advisors, via the Waitlists link (click Go To My Waitlist next to your subject(s)).

Waitlist Screen for Limited-Enrollment Subject

View-Only until Online Registration Opens

For instructors and their proxies (departmental academic administrators), only the Email Waitlisted Students and Close Waitlist buttons are active before Online Registration opens; the other buttons will be disabled until then. Others who can view the class lists will always have view-only access to the waitlist.

The first time you see a student’s name on the waitlist, it will be flagged with a yellow “NEW” icon so you can identify which students have added themselves since the last time you looked.

It is up to you to determine which students should be made offers. Students’ years, majors, and the date they joined the waitlist are provided to help you make that decision.

Contacting Students on Your Waitlist

Clicking Email Waitlisted Students will let you send email to all or a subset of students on the waitlist if, for example, you want to tell them to attend the first class in order to be considered for admittance. If you just want to send email to one student, you may also click the information icon next to a student’s name as described under Student Information, below.

While you can contact students via email directly from the waitlist, please remember that the only way to make a formal offer is to click the Offer button.

Enrollment Information

This information is updated in real-time as offers are made, rescinded, and accepted. Refresh the page to display updates.

Advertised cap is the maximum number of students allowed in this subject (or section if section registration is required). This line only appears if your department administrator entered a cap number when establishing the waitlist. Caps are optional for limited-enrollment subjects with waitlists; your department administrator can adjust this number if needed. Note that is is possible for you to exceed the cap when making offers in limited-enrollment subjects (something not possible to do in CI-H/HW subjects).

Registered is the total number of students who have completed registration for the subject (or section if section registration is required). See your registration class list for the names of these students.

Pre-registered, registration not completed is the total number of students who have been scheduled into the subject (or section if section registration is required) but have not completed registration for the subject(/section). Once the registration class list is populated, you can identify these students by comparing the registration and pre-registration class lists.

Offers have been extended, but the student has not taken action is the total number of enrollment offers made for which the student has not taken action to either add the subject or remove him/herself from the waitlist.

Offers have been extended and the student has initiated the add process is the total number of enrollment offers made for which the student is in the process of adding the subject. Once the process is complete, the student will no longer appear on the waitlist and will be listed on the class list instead. (The waitlist number will drop by 1 and the Registered number will increase by 1.)

Enrollment is now X students (above/below) cap is the total number of new students that could be added in order to stick to the cap. This line only appears if your department administrator entered a cap number when establishing the waitlist. Waitlist openings available = class size cap - (registered + pre-registered, registration not completed + offers extended).

Student Information

Click on the information icon beside a student's name to view detailed information (year, degree, major[s], advisor[s]) about the student. Within the information box, click on the student's name to send an email.

Making an Offer

To make an offer to one student at a time, click Offer next to the name.

If you would like to make offers to many students at once, click the Make Multiple Offers button. On the next screen, select students you want, and click Offer. You will not see names of students who already have outstanding offers.

After you click Offer, a message asks you to confirm your intent. You will see the system-generated email to the student that will be sent if you click OK. The message varies slightly, depending on whether the student has or has not completed online registration for the subject and whether you are making multiple offers.

While you cannot edit this message, you can add comments that will appear as the final paragraph when the message is sent. If you are making multiple offers, the message will be sent to all offered students. Click OK to make the offer, or Cancel if you change your mind.

Once you have made an offer, a time and date stamp appears beneath the Offered column. The Offer button becomes a Rescind button.

You may rescind an enrollment offer unless a student's Add request is in progress. It is recommended that you give students 24 hours to act on an offer. Once the student starts the add process, the Rescind button is replaced by

Students do not get an email if the offer is rescinded.

Your offer constitutes your approval for the student’s add process. You do not have to approve the student’s online add form for this subject. Once the advisor approves the add and the student submits the form to the Registrar’s Office, the student is removed from the waitlist and appears on the class list.

Offer History

Click the View Offer History button to see a real time list of all offers and rescinds.

If a student removes him/herself from the waitlist, the name disappears. 

However, if an offer has been made to that student, the offer history remains.

Once you finish with waitlist work, click Close Window.

The waitlists will be available to students until the end of classes. However, after the first week or so of classes when available openings should be used to accommodate students on the waitlist, you need make offers only as long as new students are acceptable in the subject.

Closing the Waitlist

If you no longer want to admit students from the waitlist, click the Close Waitlist button. Students will not be able to add themselves to the waitlist and you will not be able to make offers. You can reopen the waitlist by clicking Open Waitlist.

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